Binarynova's Realm

Still trying to get a handle on why I even feel like I want a website and what I should do with it if I have one. Here are a few "high-level" ideas:

Trying to get away from social networks. My website is my social media page.

My HTML/CSS code is intentionally minimal and easy to read/copy/learn. Always use FOSS when possible.

Site Is Coming Along

Hey all, made some changes to the site as you can see. Feel free to browse around using the menu to the left. If you want to, for example, see my recent updates and posts just click on Blog. That should all be fairly self-explanatory (as soon as I remember what I meant by "Shiny").

How To Internet

1. Web surfing is a two-way interaction. You may be minding your own business, reading and consuming content on your favorite website, but rest assured it is reading and consuming you in return.

2. Not every article, post, link, or tweet, needs to be responded to. No matter how wrong you think someone is, or how much you agree with them, or how angry something made you. The way that the web works now means that responding in any way is a promotion of that idea. Before responding ask yourself if you want to help this idea spread.

Post: "Final Fantasy VII is the best Final Fantasy game everyone!"
Me: "The last thing I want to do is help that crazy idea spread."
Also Me: Closes tab.

Cool Stuff!

Photo of a single atom wins science photography prize!
A single atom! That's amazing!


"If Neil and Buzz can get to the moon without a calculator, you can do your Intermediate Algebra homework without a calculator." ~ Me