My Little Corner of the Net

This is my personal webpage. It's a central location for my projects and hobbies. I might look into adding a blog at some point. The site is handwritten in static HTML5 and CSS (and may have some Javascript projects on occasion) and is hosted by Neocities []. No ads. No cookies. No problem.

I've been trying to keep my web code as clean and simple as I can. Where possible I try to use new HTML5 containers (like <nav> and <main> instead of <div class="nav">, for example). I try to keep my CSS clean too (i.e. by avoiding overusing classes and IDs).

Beyond HTML and CSS I have dabbled in Javascript, but I I don't use it very often (if at all).

The one "best practice" I do break on this site just makes it more nostalgic. :) Frames! Okay, well iframes, but still.

Is reading all this making you bored? Check out my gaming videos, including casual play and speedruns, over at

Since there's still no way to play MIDI files in a browser in 2017, here's a bloated <iframe> to a tune from one of my favorite PC games: Daggerfall.