Mods, Hacks, and Levels

Custom Levels

I've always loved games that allowed for custom maps and levels. I think giving the community tools with which to build their ideas and allowing them to freely distribute mods goes a long way toward giving a game a lasting legacy. Here are some mods/levels I've made for games.

Name Game Version Upload Date
<|FeaR|> Clan Arena Jedi Knight II v2.0 9 March 2003

ROM Hacks

I've been messing around with emulators forever. If I ever manage to make any ROM hacks, they'll go here!

Name Game Version Upload Date
Secret of Mana (Scroll Hack) Secret of Mana v1.0 28 June 2016

Super Mario Maker Levels

I've been toying with rom hacking since 1997. So it's nice to see that in 2016 Nintendo finally caught up with the emulation and rom hacking community and released a decent Mario-ified take on LittleBigPlanet. I've made a few things.

"Donut Plains 5" - Link
"Castle of Doom... DOOM!" - Link