Stuff I've Written

I've always kinda wanted to try my hand at writing stuff. Mostly short stories, but poetry too. I haven't done much yet, because I'm very picky and probably waaaay too hard on myself when it comes to this stuff.


End of a School Day

A bitter wind blows...
Beneath my hood, eyes stinging.
Now, a long walk home.


Social Media is Trash

Facebook is hardly run by Facebook anymore. Their ad-revenue generating algorithms have created a monster. Propagandists have manipulated these algorithms to promote their barely believable falsehoods which are designed to fuel and ignite the impotent rage of an increasingly divided world. People convinced by their leaders that the media is fake and that the press is untrustworthy get their news from Facebook pages run by people who are paid to promote an ideology or political stance.

Twitter's unnecessary character limit promotes talking point shouting matches, insults, and harassment, and limits users' ability to engage in meaningful conversation. Twitter's two-or-three-word "Trending Topics" give no context and are easily misinterpreted, leading to more shouting matches.

To put it simply, these companies are in the business of making a fortune out of our misfortune and I've had enough.

6 Oct. 2017


Super Mario Bros. Patch 1.0.3

I originally posted this satirical look at over-patching on the Diablo 3 message boards in 2012. It has been edited a bit for clarity. Enjoy!


Bug Fixes:

One-Liner Rants

We've become a society in which Facebook has decided your guilt before you've even been accused.